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City of New London Police Department

Recruitment Information

By choosing a career with the New London Police Department you will be rewarded with a challenging and supportive environment that can bring benefits both professionally and personally.

Becoming a Police Officer

What It Takes

What type of person does it take –
Being a police officer is no ordinary job, which is why it takes extraordinary people to do the job. There are many factors that you need to consider before taking the first steps to becoming part of the extended police family.

Below are a few things to think about.

Could you…
•  Take a criminal parent away from their kids?
•  Arrest an individual for drunk driving when they must drive as part of their job and will lose their income?
•  Be sworn at or bullied while maintaining your professionalism?
•  Work holidays, including Christmas, if your shift required it?

However, there are also rewards to this type of work. Ask your self these questions.

Would you like to…
•  Be part of a strong, supportive team?
•  Meet different people from different walks of life every day of the week?
•  Experience challenging circumstances that will help you grow as a person?
•  Learn new skills and develop undiscovered talent?

There are no hard and fast rules that say what type of person you should be, but there are certainly personality characteristics that will give you a good grounding.

You will be dealing with people in difficult situations. Although you will be trained to manage confrontation, you should also have a level of confidence that will help you to cope with stressful situations.

You will need to be patient and accepting of all people from all walks of life – the New London Police Department has a strong belief in its commitment to diversity and you should reflect this as an officer.

You also need to be able to cope with working different shifts, as well as the unpredictable and sometimes emotionally and mentally challenging situations that you will find yourself in.

However, if you relish a challenge, enjoy learning new skills, and developing your potential, then being a police officer might be the job for you.

Basic Requirements –

The following criteria apply:

•  Must have a high school diploma or GED

•  Must be 21 or older

•  Must be a citizen of the United States

•  Must possess or be able to obtain a valid State of CT drivers license

•  Must be physically able to perform the duties of a Police Officer

•  Must be able to pass an extensive background investigation, medical and psychological evaluations and controlled substance screening

•  Must be in and remain in good physical condition

The Process

The recruitment process requires time and commitment from you. You must pass each level of the recruitment process in order to be successful.

1. Written Examination with the Law Enforcement Council

2. Agility Test (C.H.I.P. certification cards are no longer acceptable)

3. Technical Oral Exam

4. Certification as Eligible for Further Consideration

5. Background Investigation

6. Polygraph

7. Psychological Examination

8. Physical Examination

9. Approximately 20 Weeks of Training at the Connecticut Police Academy

10. Approximately 6-months of Department Field Training following graduation from the Academy.

What to Expect

After you meet all the basic requirements, it is helpful for you to know more about what it’s like once you are sworn in.

Training – You are immediately sent to the Connecticut Police Academy where you will live while receiving comprehensive training. After graduation from the Academy you will continue your development as a new recruit with 6 months of on the job training.

Career Direction – It’s not all walking the beat – as your career progresses there are many areas that you can specialize in; you can find yourself having many careers in one.

Shift work and unpredictability – It’s not a nine-to-five job – you will find yourself working many different hours and all times of the year.

About New London Police –

The department consists of 81 sworn personnel positions and 15 civilian positions bringing the personnel total to 96. Officers may be utilized in one of several assignments. New London officers patrol the city on foot, by police cruiser, using specially equipped police mountain bikes, and by motorcycle. Special assignments include Crime Prevention, K-9, Patrol Division Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), Marine Patrol, Field Training Officers (FTO), School Resource Officers (SRO), the NIP-IT Code Enforcement Team, Traffic, Vice and Intelligence, Youth and Juvenile Services, and Evidence.


Our Commitment To You

As a Police Officer you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide range of benefits. From competitive rates of pay to excellent insurance and pension packages, the City of New London also affords a fair and inclusive promotion policy, and occupational health and welfare support benefits for our employees.

Salary –

As of July 1st, 2013:

Probationary Police Officer: $54,530 while attending the Police Academy and during field training and initial probation

Step 1 Police Officer: $57,315 per year

Benefits –

Health Insurance: Anthem Blue Cross medical, Anthem Blue Cross with home and office Rider and Medco Prescription Drug will commence after normal administrative processing time. The City of New London participates in COBRA entitlement.

Pension: In accordance with the Police Union bargaining agreement with the City of New London, you will be required to participate in the Municipal Employees Retirement Fund (MERF) administered by the State of Connecticut.

Life Insurance: Your coverage consists of a $25,000 policy and commences on your date of hire. This coverage is provided at no cost to you.

Other Benefits: 12 Paid Holidays Per Year, 10 Days Vacation After One Year of Service 1 ¼ Days of Sick Leave Accrued Each Month, Worker’s Compensation and Survivor’s Benefits.

Union Participation: Our sworn police personnel are members of Police Union, Local 724, Council # 15, ASFCME, AFL-CIO




The Written Examination

The Law Enforcement Council (LEC) is a nonprofit testing and training organization currently serving twenty-three police departments. LEC assists member departments with their selection process by providing a multi-dimensional, job related, regional entry written examination and oral examinations when necessary.

Regional Entry Examination –

If you meet the basic requirements and wish to become a police officer with the City of New London you must first take a regional entry examination with the LEC. The exam is a general knowledge examination covering reading, grammar, and basic arithmetic and takes approximately 2-1/2 hours to complete. To register for an exam, go to the Law Enforcement Council website (, complete and mail their required application in accordance with posted instructions.

The LEC will schedule you, according to receipt of your information, for an upcoming entry examination and return all pertinent information such as date, time, and location of this exam to you in the envelope you provided to them. Wait time is normally one to three months for scheduling unless the city has requested a special examination date for city applicants. Upon successful completions of the LEC’s regional entry written examination your scores will be forwarded to us.




Contact the Law Enforcement Council –

Address:    Law Enforcement Council
                401 West Thames St., Unit 2401
                Norwich, CT 06360

Phone:       (860) 887-1214



Application Forms

Names and scores of candidates passing the LEC written examination will be forwarded to the City of New London for consideration. You will be notified by the Personnel Department that you have been selected to continue in the recruitment process and you will be asked to complete a City of New London Employment Application any one of three ways:

  1. Download an employment application from our website
  2. Stop by the City of New London Personnel Office to pick up an employment application
  3. Call and request an employment application be mailed to you

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